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No harm in eHarmony

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, November 28th, 2009 ~ 9pm

eHarmony date (or meeting, rather). That was totally easy. “I should have been doing that all along” sort of easy. So I decided to extend my subscription, even though it was due to expire tomorrow. I think eHarmony is probably one of the few things, aside from cable television, where the subscription price goes HIGHER each month. So I was reluctant. But seeing how easy it is to meet a person in-person, and chat it up, was enough to convince me.

I hope my meet-up-er isn’t reading this before she reads my email to her. I basically said that my impression was we lacked the same inner geeky core, which I believe is the core from which all things of a shared quality — interests, intellectual stimuli, etc — flow. My advisor-friend told me to trust first impressions, so I expressed them. But I’m willing to be convinced otherwise. The evening was fine, and social and she was certainly “nothing to complain about” — but that was my first impression, that true compatibility would be lacking.

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