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Stuart Davis at the b-side Lounge

Posted in Music,Personal by Will on Saturday, December 5th, 2009 ~ 12am

Whoo hoo! I got up close to a real life professional musician! I swear, Mr. Davis is some kind of angel reborn on Earth …and don’t for a moment think they’re the same species — angels were supposedly fierce mother fuckers, were they not? That same fierceness, often fierce tenderness, is present in Stuart Davis.* Really… great show and he did a lot of album cuts that I hadn’t heard him play before.

*He’s also a wonderful observer. See Invincible and Fear of Light, which he played tonight and were perhaps the highlights of the night.

And also, I was loose tonight, moving to the music partly because I’ve become a new me, and partly because it fights the muscle fatigue if you move your muscles to each song. I did however have a moment of stupid banter, telling SD after the show that I thought his playing had evolved. What I meant was that he was really putting himself in his songs tonight.

It was the last show at Trilogy (b-side lounge nee Trilogy) that he’s scheduled for, before it closes. Trivia: When I got to Boulder 3 or 4 years ago, and saw him play at Trilogy, he wore the same shirt (red shirt with sickle and star). I liked tonight’s show the best. Even though it wasn’t an electric/band show, he does amazing things. Also I scored the last copy of his audiobook that I’d meant to get since it was out.

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