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Lost *no spoilers, don't worry!

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, September 20th, 2006 ~ 11pm

Ah, no! I’ve just seen the last episode of LOST season 2. I thought there was another disc of 3 or 4 more episodes, since there is another disc in the box, but the last disc is entirely bonus features. So now I’m in the same situation as everyone — I am without LOST for another year or however long it takes them to release the next set of discs.

This second season started out kind of weak, but by the middle of the third disc it started to become really interesting with all sorts of discoveries patterned after computer adventure games (finding locations, finding items in the locations, reexamining those locations for hidden details) and then it maintained that spirit all the way through the end.

They really held nothing back. Usually series like this coast along until they near the very end of the season, when the producer finally drops by to say hello and to give permission for the writers to finally reveal some things. But it looked like the producer (J.J. Abrams) must have stayed with the show for the entire second half of this season, because they were developing the island’s mythology (or at least dropping hints about it) steadily.

Battlestar Galactica remains my favorite show, but this one comes close.

Oh, it looks like my theory of the island being home to some kind of Douglas Adams-esque “infinite improbability drive” is essentially correct. But of course the entire situation of the survivors was improbable so that was not a particularly novel insight on my part.

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