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Personality Traits

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, December 11th, 2009 ~ 1am

The [famous philosopher] questioned fundamental assumptions about reality, such as “is all that exists, all that we can see in ordinary consciousness?”

The sons of [famous philosopher] question fundamental assumptions about reality, such as “is a contract in fact real if we don’t know of the corresponding case history that made the contract language standard?”

The trait runs in the family. Sadly, the trait only served the earlier generation.

A passion in one man’s mind can be a pathological condition in that of another; it may be a matter of what subject matter the question is applied to. In pursuits philosophical, it was a gift that led to rich expansion. In matters practical or mundane, a hall of mirrors from which one cannot escape — until one learns to close one’s eyes and feel their way out.

How I wish I could help. But every time I shout at them to lead them out, they catch sight of another angle as they near the door, and fall back in.

I need to tie blindfolds around their heads.

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