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Music sale 2

Posted in Music by Will on Friday, December 11th, 2009 ~ 1am

I went back to Bart’s CDs for a second time through with the 6 for $20 coupon ( 6 cds priced $7.99 or under, new or used, for $20).

It was more difficult this time — nothing new had really turned up in the 4 or 5 days since I’d been through their supply. But I found a few things that I’d wanted, but would never have paid full price for.

Kristin Hersh “Your Ghost” cd single
Queen “Innuendo” – not the remastered 2 cd edition, but the 1 cd edition from the nineties. That’s fine though. Best to begin with the simple configuration, when one is not familiar with the album at all.
Various Artists “Kiler Queen: A Tribute to Queen” – always liked the cover of Who Wants To Live Forever by Breaking Benjamin, so figured maybe there’d be one or two other great covers on this. May be.
Siouxsie & The Banshees “The Rapture” – their last album, which some don’t like but which I may. Not the remastered version, but that’s fine because people say the remasters sound terrible (and indeed the engineer has since retired, saying that tinnitus had made it impossible to work in his field any more).
David Bowie “The Best of Bowie 1974-1979” – You may think it is crazy to buy a best-of of an artist I already have all the albums of, but this compilation is so well-sequenced that it really is worth having for times when shuffle play just isn’t up to the task of presenting his best output. This was a new CD, Argentinian pressing, hence the $7.99 price. (The sticker on the back says only for sale in South America, except for Brazil.)
Roxy Music “Roxy Music” – their first album, and their strangest. The cashier approved, and I commented that I didn’t trust the band’s later years when they seemed to possibly be engaged in parody, but I like their first few albums. (It was a comment that wouldn’t have been out of place in High Fidelity). This is an upgrade for me, since I already have this on CD, in a mid-1980s pressing. This one that I got today is a remastered version from a decade later. Again, an Argentinian pressing, but it is the remaster, and should be from the same digital files even if it was pressed in South America. (And again, that could be from High Fidelity.)

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