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My body, my week, part 1

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, October 1st, 2006 ~ 12am

I started doing repetitions involving lifting my legs up off the floor while being on my bed, my back on the bed. I read somewhere that this routine has an actual name, though I haven’t the recall to actually, er, recall it. It is designed to work on the abdominal mucles, which run from the bottom of your chest to below your beltline. I started on the 23rd with 20 reps, and found I could do 60 the next day, in sets of 10. I’m doing about 80 each night now, but I’ve made it more difficult by doing some of them with my legs more extended, which works the lower abs more than the upper.

When I first started doing them the first night, looking down at my belly I was so alarmed by the sight of something rising up out of my skin below my chest that I had to consult google to be sure of what I was seeing. According to maps of the human body I was just seeing the upper ab muscle filling with blood, which was still a frightening sight but I am of the opinion that as this muscle becomes used more often, it will not be as pronounced during exertion.

Also, my stationary bike arrived. And it is small enough to fit in my room. Just. It barely fits at the end of my bed. The handles rise up from the end of my bed like antlers from a snoozing elk. An elk laying on my floor at the foot of my bed. Damn this was a good visual but I couldn’t find the words to convey where exactly the elk was sleeping quickly enough.

Ok, so this was the be-all end-all of my entire week. Oh also I finally got some responsibilities at work which gives me confidence that I am needed there. Three days of surfing the web, the same dozen websites over and over for no reason, was getting me down. But now I am starting to be a project coordinator of some kind. It’s still boring stuff so I won’t bore you with it, but the point is there’s now a function for me, which gives me some job security.

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