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My social life, part…oh there's parts now?

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, October 1st, 2006 ~ 12am

Ah, and for those who have expressed to me that I sometimes fail to record my social life in my blog, I believe I owe it to everyone to note that thus far I don’t have one. But I am doing ok on my own. Visited K a couple times this week in an inadvertent kind of way – picked her up because her car was in for car-medical-reasons. And I gave LOST season one to her, which I hope she may like. I snuck Firefly into the case too because who wouldn’t enjoy that?

(Oh I just realized I know two people who I name as “K” in my blog. This K is… I should make up a frakking name if the first letter isn’t unique. But my imagination doesn’t come up with names easily. This is the K I’ve known for several years, not the K I’ve only just known for a couple years.)

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