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Star Trek Enterprise sadness

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, October 6th, 2006 ~ 12am

Saddest experience in Star Trek fandom: The current Christie’s Auction of everything — everything — from every series and film. I’d never accepted the loss of Star Trek: Enterprise, because it was frankly the best Star Trek series since The Next Generation and was really, really getting good in season four (the last season before it was canceled). But now seeing every set, every piece of clothing, every prop and every last piece of set decoration being sold, it really sinks any hope that the show could somehow, someday, come back (I’d hoped Enterprise would return in movie form with at least the three core characters: Archer, Trip, and T’Pol).

There’s a large auction book available with the photos of every item in the auction, titled 40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection but the book costs a hundred dollars — a bit much for a book that will only make me sad. I am glad that they took photos of all of these things before they sold them, but I shed tears at the idea that all these works of art will be lost (diffused) into the world. As for the auction itself, of course I cannot afford to bid on anything. But if I could, maybe I’d go after this:

A simulated statue (probably made of something that is already disintegrating, like styrofoam) representing, in a sense, the birth of the Vulcan civilization (the Vulcans being the ones with the pointy ears).

Described thusly: “SURAK’S KATRIC ARK: A prop Vulcan burial urn with a stylized bust of Surak, the father of Vulcan civilization, base features an ancient Vulcan glyph of Surak’s name, in the episode, this urn carried the ‘katra,’ or living essence, of the legendary Surak — 14x7in. — made for the opening scenes of ‘The Forge’ in Star Trek: Enterprise.”

Browse a representative sample of 1,000 items at the website by clicking here.

But bring tissues.

Trek as we knew it is (boldly) going once, going twice, gone.

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