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Dollhouse dream

Posted in Dream by Will on Friday, December 25th, 2009 ~ 12pm

Woah. Dreamed I was on Dollhouse. Or rather, Dollhouse was real and I was part of it, a techie apparently, Topher-esque, and Eliza Duschu/Echo was my girlfriend, and the house has been disbanded or was closing, and everyone was being let go. And we were all concerned that various spy agencies from around the world would be trying to grab each of us if we were living outside, and the dollhouse was showing us how they monitored each of our personal communications (even our twitters and facebook updates), but that didn’t seem like it would do anything to help, amazing as it was. They asked us to write essays about something or other — each of us had different questions on the two sheets of paper we were given. Psych profile type questions, written custom for each of us.

There was an odd twist where there were TWO Elizas, and one was the one I was dating, and one was a clone who had become more gung-ho about missions. This was nice, in that both aspects of her personality, and both her choices, were able to be expressed, thanks to the ability of the Dollhouse to duplicate minds. The clone body aspect was new.

Interestingly, my dream had poor special effects when the two Elizas hugged each other, or whenever they were “together on screen”.

I suggested that maybe if our minds were wiped, spy agencies would leave us alone.

Then, some time had passed, and I must have had my mind wiped because I had no idea how I found myself as a contestant on a low-budget quiz show, wearing a 3-D mask to hide my face.

I noticed a familiar face or two in the studio and eventually realized that the members of the dollhouse, unemployed, were starting to find each other again, despite the mind-wipe. I saw the Asian-Tibetan one, and a couple others, and we eventually went off the set to a room together.

…where the plot changed, and the world was under attack from bad guys, and we had limited super powers. I could sort of sometimes immobilize people. But not consistently enough to win over the invading forces. Instead we tried hiding under a bed. The invading forces just ordered us to come out, or they’d storm the place.

With our minds wiped, the relationship between Eliza and myself had changed. She seemed to have considered us broken up. In any case there was some distance there.

There was a major tangent in the dream somewhere earlier, around the time when we were finding each other again, or maybe it was during the psych exam. There was some major psycho-analysis insight in this part of the dream, which included me being among the stars in the universe, selecting the location of where I’d be (Earth system). I rushed backwards, my back headed towards earth, the Orion constellation before me, the nebula in it’s sword especially noticeable. I also had insight into why I like to fly 10 or 20 feet above everyone in my dreams — it is because I like the freedom and the lack of boundaries, the lack of clutter, etc. even though I don’t like heights.

Then I dreamed a friend of mine was doing some nude portraiture with a professional photographer, but she let me do some behind the scenes documentary photos from a distance. As a sort of consolation prize i think.

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