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Accountants are anal

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, October 9th, 2006 ~ 3pm

Y’ever notice that accountants at companies are exceptionally anal? I haven’t worked at a great many companies, but thinking back on the few accountants I’ve known at those companies, each was such a detail-minded-stickler that everyone hated them. It’s a theme. At my current company the accountant is freaking because we didn’t record the serial number of an old server we sold (and by “old” I mean, it was a $1,500 item originally but it sells as a remainder item for under $300 today) (and by “we”, I mean thankfully I share the blame with another person). This, to her, is a big deal. You’ve got to love how some people could make such a thing a big deal. Somehow in their mind they’ve decided to place importance upon minutia that the rest of the population doesn’t even notice. This is of course why they become accountants, because no one else values the kind of information that accountants do. At my old place, we had an accountant who refused to change her systems to match the structure of the actual company because she felt that her information was more accurate than reality.

Someday, we may develop cures for all kinds of obsessive/compulsive disorders, and when we do, accountants might no longer exist.

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