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Lost dream

Posted in Dream by Will on Saturday, December 26th, 2009 ~ 4pm

My dreams are clearly at an all-time-low in terms of creativity. Last night I again ripped off a tv show for my dream content.

I was in an episode of Lost, a new season, and I was excited to see where the new season would go. But it was a bit too surprising. The season began with Hurley, Sayyid, me, and someone else, taking a road trip to a city on the island. A city which was obviously Boston, but which the show’s producers were trying to convince the audience was just a Boston-like city on the island by including dialogue along the lines of “wow, a small city on the island, who knew? Those Dharma Initiative folks built a lot!”.

The city was still populated. Our arrival in the city was a trap, for when the highway mysterious ended and we had to abandon our vehicle, our vehicle was impounded, and we were left on our own with very little money and just the clothes on our backs. We found a flop-house sort of hotel and slept two to a bed. Finding food was difficult too.

The dream at some point turned into an audio-only dream. At some points I realized that not only was I ad-libbing dialogue, but I had no idea what the actual script was at all, for that matter. I decided I was giving the editor “choices”.

We hoped eventually the rest of the island folks would realize we’d been missing for an extraordinarily long time and would realize we’d been stranded here.

I never said the dream was interesting.

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