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Missing Persons

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, October 9th, 2006 ~ 6pm

I can relate to this blogger at WFMU: “I’ve just come off the ol’ information superhighway”, he writes, “where I was looking for some Missing Persons — with caps, you know: the band Missing Persons. Not easy. Missing Persons clearly never anticipated the internet search engine when they were tossing around band names. Them and Berlin.”

That’s the truth. But despite this truth, I spent some time today searching out a few scraps of info about the current status of Dale Bozzio, the singer who looked like “a tiny punk Barbie” (ref: J.D. Riso) in the 1980s and who made such an impression on my childhood.

I learned that her mother lived in my home town in Massachusetts, and that Dale herself has a strong Boston accent in her speaking voice from being raised in Medford, which is best known as the town next to Somerville which is best known as the town next to Cambridge.

Sadly I also learned that Dale may be nuts now, or may be …overwhelmed sometimes. Which is just a shame, because that’d be the second of my childhood new wave favorites who has suffered through some mental static (Adam Ant, most famously, being the first).

Like Adam Ant, Dale has also written her life story, but unlike Ant, no publisher has taken it on. So you may want to read the following interview if you’re either a fan of her music back in the day, or if you’re a fan of the late great Frank Zappa (who was perhaps the strongest father figure in her life): “Missing Persons found at The Lucky Dog” (interview by Charlene Arsenault, writing for Massachusett’s Worcester Magazine).

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