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A sigh for a future

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, December 29th, 2009 ~ 10pm

Sometimes it feels like we’re just waiting for New York to go foom, and to enter a depression stronger than the one we’ve been in, one that might last for a decade. It would, I suppose, lead our government to focus on the United States — improving public works, building roads and schools and such, improving what we have left everywhere else. And would politicians deny health care for the millions in the radius around who were suffering from radiation? They couldn’t.

So, amid the terribleness, there could be some good growth of infrastructure. But only those too young to be aware of the tragedy would feel unadulterated pleasure from those improvements (from attending better schools, from walking on better-designed sidewalks, from having a free quotient of health care, from better career planning, and so on); everyone else would be aware that all the improvements were designed to make us feel better because of you know.

I’m not advocating it. I am just trying to see what good outcomes we could have the perseverance to produce if such a tragedy happened. Unfortunately, all the good would take years before it was noticeable.

We need a good initiative in this country now. A new tech bubble that doesn’t burst, a new energy technology that lets us bypass the Middle East entirely, something that would make everything cheaper…

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