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An angel wing tattoo

Posted in Dream by Will on Sunday, January 3rd, 2010 ~ 12am

I dreamed I had many housemates, all of whom were tattooed. I remember particularly that one, an androgynous one with perhaps asian or latin-hued skin, had a large blue/green tattoo of one angel wing down her/his back. Only one wing, over 2/3rds of the back.

He/she was leaving the bathroom after a bath, and I was looking from a few paces down the hall. (What sort of place has baths not showers?) That’s why I couldn’t tell the gender — the back was indeterminate. It was a European sort of hall, narrow but tall, and the ambient light was golden and brown.

I believe this dream may have been prompted by a preview for a film with a “war among angels” theme (it appeared to be a remake of The Prophecy, but with a different title) that ran before Avatar. I’d mentioned it to someone a few hours before I went to bed.

Beyond that, what is one wing? Half angel? Half human? Half protected? Half divine? A half-way point, a meeting half way between this world and the next level? Angels being androgynous is typical of angels so I’d take that element literally, that this was a being from a level beyond our biology, conveying the “half angel” message via the artwork. And I only saw half of him/her, the back. So the theme was clearly about half divine, whatever that means… Perhaps it meant I could see half of the divine? Why convey that?

By the way, the wing was feathery. As if it was meant to be a literal depiction of an angel wing, not an abstract or heavily interpreted one. The tattoo was of a wing that looked as if it were meant to fly in real life. Clearly stated.

Oh, also, in the midst of the dream, the presence of all these fabulous tattoos made me want to get one too, immediately or as soon as. On waking, this desire was not as present. It was present in the dream.

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