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Picking one's shirt

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, September 17th, 2004 ~ 10pm

I figured out what to wear to this latest interview (some kind of cheap documentary* for History Channel). My figuring out what to wear may not seem like much to write about, and that’s true, but the challenge was that as a member of the perpetual youth generation (a few grey hairs aside) I don’t really wear ties.

I’d picked a tie up at Goodwill a few months back though, so, starting with that I managed to find a shirt that matched my tie pretty well — a nice low contrast combination of grey tie and light-green shirt. The tie is Lord & Taylor, the shirt Gap. I think they’re both from Goodwill come to think of it.

So now all I have to be concerned with is the temperature, since I am not used to wearing a long sleeve, buttoned up shirt. Looks kind of stifling. But maybe if I wear shorts… As always, the bitch of it is that it gets really hot when they’re using 1000 watt lights.

This may sound crazy, but I am thinking of shaving off my goatee for this interview so I won’t be as easily recognized. But I wonder if my chin is ultra pale from being under-lit all summer…

Ok, this blog entry was pretty pathetic, but it was free, and fact is this night is terribly stuffy and lame. It’s only in the low 80s here but the humidity level is making this evening suck pretty bad. So I’m not really inspired to do more than pick out a shirt.

(*I call it a “cheap” documentary because a look at the production comapany’s website reveals they are the makers of television “filler” like “America’s Funniest Bloopers” and other drivel. Passionate filmmaking is not what this production company conveys… I am only doing this interview to counterpoint one particular person who is also being interviewed. That single purpose was almost not enough of a reason to make me do it…).

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