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Dreams dreams and more dreams

Posted in Dream by Will on Thursday, October 12th, 2006 ~ 12pm

I dreamed (yes you can stop reading now, it’s one of those…in fact I think I’ll drop this down to tiny sized type) that me and a few other “survivors” were in the front car of a passenger train which had been taken over by a nefarious computer system. The computer system, located (presumably) at some central train location, had the ability to pick off passengers one by one by shooting them with various projectiles from some undefined point behind the train every time the train went around any curves — most often as the train went through underground tunnels — which was fairly often since in this dream that is where the stations were located. The train had no intention of stopping and letting us out. So me and a few other people were huddled in the front of this runaway train, keeping our heads down, trying to guess where the next projectile would fly, trying not to die. We’d move a few feet to the left or right occasionally because we felt the computer system could eventually figure out exactly where we were – it wasn’t firing blind. It was listening to our heartbeats, to our voices, etc. Even with our heads down below the level of the seat backs, it could eventually learn where to shoot, in addition to the occasional random shot.

Later on I dreamed that I was a passenger in an out of control automobile that was intentionally accelerated from zero to 50 while in a parking garage, so that the car accelerated directly into a concrete wall. I felt a vivid rush in my head as this ocurred but I didn’t dream of any aftermath. This certain doom was interspersed with earlier moments in which some criminals were being chased through the same parking garage. The parking garage connected directly to a shopping mall of some kind. The garage had yellow lighting.

Still later I dreamed that I was one of several special agents who were honing in on a criminal believed to be in the upper floor of an abandoned house. As we approached the suspected hiding place, the gun I held before me was especially realistic, in that this was the first gun I’d dreamed of that had a safety that needed to be released. I felt like this was the first time I’d held this particular gun, and so I was nervous about it, particularly since we expected this criminal to burst out of his hiding place and he would be moving through the many friendly agents in the room, who I’d need to avoid shooting. There were so many agents, the risk was missing the target and shooting a fellow agent by mistake due to not knowing how much of a kick to expect from this particular weapon, or not having become familiar with its aiming thingees.

Still later I dreamed that hordes of black and yellow striped snakes were released across the floor of another room as a kind of test to see how I’d react. They actually flew a foot above the floor. I jumped back and said I hated insects (of course snakes aren’t insects, but they’re equally creepy, and besides these were flying snakes so chances are they were insect related!). This comment brought looks of horror to everyone in the room. Everyone felt that was a really xenophobic opinion to hold. They felt personally insulted that I had a bias against an entire genus. I flew up into the air a few feet higher than the snakes and tried to hover there, but they’d leap up threateningly now and then.

When the snakes were gone, everyone seemed delighted at my decision to hover in the air. Impressive to be sure. I thought that this hovering technique could have perhaps been applied to the earlier situation in which me and the other agents had been honing in on a criminal. It may have been easier to spot him if I’d flown up at that time – but I didn’t feel particularly like I could fly during that “scene”.

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