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Compacting the compact discs

Posted in Music by Will on Thursday, January 7th, 2010 ~ 5pm

P.S. I also dreamed my head was shaved (with very short brown bristle-like hairs remaining), and I thought that I looked fine, though it made my head look smaller. Must try that sometime, before my hair goes white.

Yesterday I spend many hours in the basement crawlspace narrowing down my CD collection by layering more rows of discs into each box (whereas before each box had plenty of headroom). My legs and waist are sore today, from all the walking in a low space.

Compacted the 8 boxes of CDs in my basement down to 5. Also I’ve thrown away the packaging of DVD box sets, packaging of Futurama toys, packaging of a hard drive, etc. Why did I keep all that? Calm returning. Albeit with awareness I can’t compact much beyond this level. I’d already put my (stored) action figures in baggies earlier.

A bit more to be done on the music side.

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