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Bank of America

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, January 8th, 2010 ~ 1pm

IF (“Savings” + “Checking”) < XX THEN "Monthly Maintenance Fee" = 12 IF ("Savings" + "Checking") > XX THEN “Monthly Maintenance Fee” = 0

See there, Bank of America? Not so difficult to write a program that will never “accidentally” charge a maintenance fee when there’s no reason to do so.

You have to watch Bank of America like a hawk, or they will try to take a monthly maintenance fee once and awhile, even when they do not qualify to receive one!

I am not angry, so much as amused that Bank of America is hoping that some people will actually believe this is an “error”, when with computers it is impossible for an error like this to occur naturally.

Addendum: Bank of America is also why Boulder is losing Bart’s CD Cellar. The parent company of Bart’s had a loan from Bank of America that was due to be paid off in 3 years (3 years from now). Bank of America called the loan in, which means it must be paid immediately. You may recall that the Federal government has been asking the banks to stop being so unwilling to give loans to small businesses. But Bank of America, like other banks, have said “screw you!” to the Federal government and are instead, doing things like calling in loans 3 years prematurely. Barts was doing fine, they were profitable, and wouild have been fine paying the loan off over the next three years as planned. But Bank of America decided to fuck them. Result is that Boulder loses a business, employees are laid off, and the Bank of America president gets to pocket a one million dollar paycheck.

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