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Protesting for no reason

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, October 15th, 2006 ~ 4pm

I saw the stupidest demonstration yet on Pearl Street today; a group shouting for the Chinese to leave Tibet and for Bob Dylan to enter. The stupidity wasn’t so much the desire to affect Bob Dylan’s tour schedule, but the fact that there were not – as far as I could tell – any Chinese politicians on Pearl Street within earshot of this demonstration. It was yet another demonstration of a perfectly reasonable cause, done without reason. Had a survey been taken of the people walking by on the mall, holding their ears against the shouts, chances are slim anyone opposed to their goal of a free Tibet could have been found. So why use the shouting tactic? Why even appear in a town where everyone agrees with you? It was senseless. Perhaps it was a practice run, and they’ll next appear in a town where their presence will actually reach minds in need of changing. But in this place they were a laughingstock, and more than a few people I overheard said as much.

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