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LEDs in a paper lantern

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 ~ 7pm

Via milehighonthecheap.com, I learned that the local hardware store was selling its Xmas lights at 75% off today. I got a string of white LEDs, but they turned out to be green. So I bundled them up into a ball and stuck them inside a tinted Japanese lantern like fireflies (which can be done since they don’t emit heat)…. It could use an extension cord, but it’s ok as is.

A red lantern would have worked even better at masking the green hue of the LEDs, but I work with what I have.

With this light though, my room is almost TOO sexy. Granted, it lacks a stage and a seating area, but the mood lighting is almost excessive now. I may have to take the light down; the pressure is too much.

UPDATE: I found a better place for it to be placed:

Much more relaxing, having it sitting on the shelf, as if lording from on high, comfortably. And out of the way.

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