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Spooky action at a distance

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, January 13th, 2010 ~ 3pm

OMG. As I walked to the office from the post office, I thought to myself about someone I hadn’t seen or heard of in years (since she abandoned her blog). I came around the corner, and whamo, there she was (headed towards me) and we said hi. She’s still with her beau. I told her how amazing that I’d just been thinking o…f her literally before I came around the corner, and she said she’d just materialized there. Clever!

S said:
That was ME

Tim said:

Will said:
Spooky action at a distance! (In this case, about one block!)

Tim said:

(That’s from my Facebook. I am hoping someone makes reference to quantum entanglement next, because I’ve got a comeback ready to go!)

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