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Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, October 20th, 2006 ~ 2am

I was going to write this blog myself but someone else already put it into words a year ago:

“I really want to buy myself the iPod nano. I was about to buy it when it said that I can engrave it for free. The website read… Try some cool quotes. Cool quotes? I can’t think of any cool quotes. I know it’s just a little engraving on the back but it’s a big deal to me. It has to be the perfect quote. I can’t think of anything. …Picking the perfect quote is an art. One does not rush into these kinds of things.”

Myself, I’ve come up with only a few possible engravings, and the feeling that I may have to sit down and listen to a few dozen albums to find the perfect quote. Apple’s restrictions are two lines of 23 characters each. Shorter than most haikus (and 2/3rds as many lines). This is not going to be easy. A couple one-word ideas I had include “shiny” and “spoon”. Clearly iNeed more time.

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