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Sharp Aquos tv: Sharp pains

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010 ~ 11pm

From its life to death date, my tv cost $35 each month to exist.

I am contacting Sharp tomorrow to ask what repair options exist in Boulder, but I’m not optimistic that a quick and inexpensive fix is in the offing. Not at all, in reality.

Advice from the boards:

“First you could have a failure in the power supply, we have seen some capacitors fail in your model and cause funky problems like this. If this is the case you could be looking at somewhere around $175-$200 to fix the set. IF the power supply had to be replaced you could be looking at $350.”

“Next could be the main board, this would not be good news because you could be looking at $400-$500 for the repair (I know this is up there in the price range and most likely getting over the cost of a new set).”

2 years, one month. That’s how long my Sharp Aquos lasted.

Moral of the story: Next time, buy a junk brand. Or buy a 3-year warranty on a good brand. It seems these lcd tvs don’t last.

Did I mention it died 2 hours before the season premiere of LOST was to begin? Is anyone surprised? We say it with humor sometimes, but entropy works its stuff at the worst possible moments, almost always. We joke about it because it is true, and we are pained by the fact that the universe works against us. On a philosophical level, I try to remember that the universe taking things apart is its way of ensuring that an infinite number of re-combinations can next occur. It (the universe) believes it is doing something positive, in that respect. But this process gives life a lack of stability that people find a bit upsetting.

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