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Potentially good hair product

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, October 20th, 2006 ~ 2am

One other thing the haircutter mentioned was that there is a shampoo that supposedly stops or diminishes the thinning of hair. It wasn’t sold at their salon so I figured she was giving her honest opinion or impression of the product.

Nioxin — a name that is easy to remember because it is one letter off from the deadly Dioxin — is supposedly safe to use. Though I wonder, if the Nioxin Research Laboratory was really sure it was safe, why do they only sell it through salons? Sounds like a test-run to me, to see how many people react badly to it. One epinions reviewer noted “Sure in a couple years they will find out this stuff causes cancer, till then enjoy using this treatment.” Some people on epinions say it stopped their shedding, a few had allergic reactions. Myself, I tried it but I followed the directions quite literally where it said to leave on for only 60 seconds. It doesn’t claim to regrow hair, just to stimulate the hair folicles that you still have into not giving up. I believe the stimulation is actually mostly peppermint, or a peppermint-like chemical (the shampoo looks disturbingly like blue gel toothpaste) which give you the perception that your scalp is being “stimulated” towards greater blood circulation, but may simply mean your nerve endings taste mint. The manufacturer doesn’t really explain how they think it works. I’ve heard some lame commercials for this product (or one like it) on the radio, in which it is suggested that the shampoo is designed to wash away some kind of maturity related hormones, or add some, or something. An imitation product called Nutri-Ox reportedly has mostly the same ingredients but is less expensive.

Summing up, no one knows that this stuff is, what it does, how it does what it does or how it tries to do what it might not do. So I think I’ll just try it maybe once a week, and as long as I don’t break out in a rash, I’ll consider it to be potentially good.

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