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Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, July 3rd, 2004 ~ 10pm

Somehow, eating caramel nut Balance bars every other hour, and the occasional pancake breakfast at night before I sleep, has given me a bit of a belly. This comes as a bit of a shock since for most of me life (re: “life before Balance bars and pancakes”) I’ve had to struggle to maintain any weight at all. I managed to get into the 130s (that’s lbs, to any uk’ers out there) in my late twenties, but this… this is 144 lbs.

At first I was happy to recognize that I have a little bit of a belly. It would help me stick to the ground, I figured, and, it might serve as a resource for my body’s energy needs at times when I am not near food. However this first blush of excitement rapidly faded as I came to realize that I looked really weird with flesh oozing out over my belt line.

I also realized that subconsciously I must not have liked it, since I realized I was walking around my house sucking in my stomach to simulate muscled abs. When I let those muscles relax, if I let it out, my stomach was clearly an inch or more beyond my ribs. I started to obsess over this. Panic would be too strong a word, but I had really come to like the way I cooked pancakes so it was hard to abandon. About my pancakes: cheapest mix possible; Krusties – some kind of Russian pancake mix I’m guessing by the “K”, and hard to find too! Found mostly in lower income supermarkets…I bought two boxes when I finally came upon them. And one box of Aunt Jemima’s like my mom makes. Hi mom!

So for the past two days I’ve not had pancakes, and I’m drinking flavored seltzer water rather than actual food when I feel hungry. I’m still eating meals of course, I’m not crazy. If I don’t eat regularly I get dizzy and hypo. But after two days of pancake abstinance, my belly has indeed receeded a bit (ok, maybe pooping had some effect on that as well), and I am headed back to my ideal weight of, say, 139.

As far as exercise goes, I don’t even like writing about exercise, let alone actually doing it. But last night I did a few sit ups while in bed, maybe a dozen. And today when I came home from work I rode my stationary exercise bike for more than five minutes. Despite a suspicion that moving one’s legs and arms might not have any direct effect on one’s belly, it is easier than sit ups. And that’s what matters.

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