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Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, July 19th, 2004 ~ 5pm

If there’s anything really personal about my “Personal” page, it must be only by inference. The thought occurred to me that maybe I should rename it “Superficial.” After all there’s only so much one can learn about a person from what wallpapers they’ve made. (Mine suggest — if one gave it deep thought — that I like women who are powerful, independent, and slender up top….which again is superficial, unless one then looks into that at yet another level, and starts to deduce who I am from what I feel is appealing). So all in all, Personal seems to be the wrong word for that page. Maybe I should call it “Plastic.” Yeah, I like that. I could have three pages: Professional, Plastic, and Personal. The Plastic page would be what is now the Personal page. The new Personal page would be this blog, and maybe personal snapshots and things that really only matter most to me and people I care about…maybe just the blog.

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