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The unfinished space

Posted in Dream by Will on Monday, February 8th, 2010 ~ 3pm

I dislike the recurring dream in which various Godzilla type monsters are roaming the countryside, forcing me to have to hide in a house’s unfinished attic-like area that in the dream always exists in between two floors. I go into the basement, through a boiler room, up and to the left into a ceiling type area, which then wraps around into a full floor-area space made of wood beams as you’d find in an attic. It always has a full floor’s height, even though it is supposedly an obscure space that only someone looking for it would ever find. As good as a hiding place this space would seem, often there turns out to be windows there, making it unsuitable as a hiding place from the Godzilla monsters, which I fear will look in the windows and decide to eat me. A related problem is having enough water and food to remain hidden in this space. Often there are other people with me. The space is not always exactly the same, but always similar, and always reached in a similar way, by going downstairs to a basement and then up into the space.

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