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Venture Bros figures – ungood.

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, February 14th, 2010 ~ 6pm

ToyFair, the industry trade show at which all action figures for the remainder of the year (and beyond) are previewed, has begun, and, epic fail on the upcoming Venture Bros action figures. There’s $20 each that I won’t spend!


I see what they are doing on the faces — they’re using extremely sharp contours on the faces as a way of emulating the drawn lines that exist on the cartoon versions. Their other option would have been to go with smoother, more human-like contours. I think BifBangPow was brave to go with the sharp contours. But it’s not how I would have gone.

That they went with MEGO doll bodies (popular in the 1970s), rather than fully sculpted figures (as has been popular ever since), was another decision of which I could not agree. My reasoning was this:

The Venture Bros was inspired in part by the Johnny Quest cartoon of the mid 1960s, and partly by the sensibilities of the 2000s. The Venture Bros never had anything to do with the 70s (the era of Mego). Aside from Brock’s mustang. Combining 1960s and 2000s and coming up with the 1970s was a flawed equation from the get-go.

Fan sentiment across the net seems nearly unanimous, and involves crying: “I might actually start crying if i keep looking at all this stuff…” “If you’d excuse me I’m gonna cry all day long” etc.:


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