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Dharmapalooza Day 1

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, October 27th, 2006 ~ 11pm

Evening, actually. I arrived at Red Fish in downtown Boulder just as founder of Dharmapalooza singer/songwriter Stuart Davis was coming through the door, and I think I spit on him as I was introducing myself. Not, like, on purpose. He hugged me as said it’s been too long, though we hadn’t actually met in person before so I think he was just being exceptionally nice without knowing who I was, unless he counts phone conversations as meeting. Though I said my name I neglected to mention I was the Will who helped him several years ago with his Bell album cover, so I think he only knows he met a person named Will, minus context. Yes it’s true it has been that many years and I still haven’t properly met the dude. Well, two more days to go of this three day weekend, so probably will.

By fantastic coincidence, I was also arriving just as legendary web designer/drupal programmer Matt, his wife Cori, and their best friend Kris were arriving, and I was invited to their table, where I stayed most of the night. Matt I knew by email from the most active days of the dpsangha blog (which originally was set up for street teams to organize or manage Stuart’s concert appearances and album promotions), but Cori I only knew of from their personal blog, which often has nice pictures. And Kris similarly, a person I’ve maybe seen entries about. It is so difficult to associate text with people.

Also met — for the first time in 3-D — Kismet, who I learned lives nearby so I hope to see her again. Matt and Cori and Kris live far far away in another land, another state, and they may be moving to yet another state. My heart goes out to their ferrets, one of whom is recovering from surgery and therefore could not attend the weekend. Another person who stopped by the table was Oche, another singer/songwriter trying his luck on the road. Excellent name. Which I likely spelled wrong.

Oh, also, someone with dyed red hair looked at me like she recognized me, and I think I recognized her, but I am not sure why or how. Most likely I’ve simply seen her pic on the dpsangha site. The “dp” stands for double penetration by the way. No it doesn’t.

I will be seeing everyone, including the 92 other people who I didn’t know at all, tomorrow for a pair of meditation and Group Mind sessions with Zen Buddhist Vidyuddeva and Zen Master Genpo Roshi, respectively. Later that evening, a show at Trilogy. I noticed one of the band members in the audience so I am expecting it to be an electric set. Though frankly I wouldn’t mind an acoustic as the restaurant was rather noisy; my ears are already tired.

Sorry this was not really a report on Dharmapalooza Day 1 so much as an account of my particular evening. Were I to write a report, it would hit the actual events, those being: restaurant Red Fish with 100 people in the large back room; welcome announcement by the Stu-man, many many people talking loudly above the din of many people talking, everyone a compatriot of Mr Davis — but really it isn’t about the music nor about Mr Davis anymore — and, um, a crappy buffet table.

But I was just grateful to be sitting at a table of nice people. My goal for tomorrow or sunday: talk more to Kismet.

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