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Lewd dream

Posted in Dream by Will on Saturday, October 28th, 2006 ~ 12am

This was from Wed-to-Thurs night. Forgot to post this earlier.

Dreamed I was in large apartment building somewhere in Russia or a former USSR country. Very 1950s looking wallpaper flaking off the walls. I was with a person I’d describe as a young girl (late teens or early twenties maybe) whose age was indeterminant because she was undernourished. She looked, as Georgia Lass said on Showtime’s Dead Like Me, like she “grew to adulthood paved with crack cocaine, ten dollar blowjobs and maybe a trick baby or two”. It was all rather sad. Quietly, we went from a mail hallway into a room with a bed — I hesitate to call it a bedroom because the entire building had the feel of an abandoned building that some people simply took to living in. I knew we were about to have sex (though I was not familiar with what the circumstances were — I don’t think I was her trick, but I don’t think I knew her much at all either). I felt very wary of having unprotected sex with her because she was so frail, and her life in this place could have meant all sorts of exposure to deadly disease. But we had sex anyway, neither one of us connecting, a silent, sad kind of sex, reverse cowgirl (her looking away from me, neither of us seeing the other’s face), with only some hint of her wanting to connect with me, and me mostly being in fear of her weak, frail self.

I think the dream was inspired by a combination of my housemate’s recent playing of a video game set in the 1930s in which mobsters run around old hotels with old wallpaper, and an episode of That 70s Show were Eric and Donna sleep in the same bed overnight for a few nights and have to deal with their friends’ social pressure to have sex. Oh, and also a nasty news article which mentioned that government regulation of gas prices would be “communist”, so it would be better to leave them out of control.

Ok, now what did you leave out? How did you KNOW I left something out? Yeah I was censoring myself. Ok, it was anal reverse cowgirl, and with her leaned back slightly I tried to reach around her front to give her a pseudo dp but she brushed my hand away from the attempt, but then tried to soften the brush-off a moment later by kissing my fingers, or at least kissing off some of the girl goo. And that kissing was the only part of the sex that had a trace of emotion – the emotional content being not the kissing itself, which could just as easily just be purely for lewd effect, but the underlying motivation — barely detectable, but there nonetheless — that she did so because she didn’t want my feelings to be hurt. As hurt a person as she was, she didn’t want to hurt others.

Odd dream. Usually sex dreams are purely recreation, but this one was all subtext.

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