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“Experiment in Tera-bytes”!

Posted in Music by Will on Saturday, February 20th, 2010 ~ 2am

Had no choice. Was paring back from being completely out of hard drive space for so long now. 2 TBs on the way! Irony is that will be the backup drive. My own drive will be my former backup drive – 750 GB. It will get me through a few more months. Problem is I’m starting to like lossless music. And it requires 2x to 3x as much room. Since I have about 300 GB of lossy music, that would be about 1 TB of lossless. So already, 750 GB is not enough. I’ll just have to start with only my favorite – and most sonically masterful – albums. And go very slowly, so I won’t run out of space until I can afford another 2 GB drive to be my main drive.

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