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What lies beyond

Posted in Dream by Will on Saturday, February 20th, 2010 ~ 1pm

Dreamed I was directed through a wrong door looking for the teachers’ lounge. Found myself in a surreal space of orgies. Two security people came up to me and demanded “Are you supposed to be here?”. I replied calmly, “I have two answers for that. One, Yes. Two, No, I went through the wrong door.”

They led me out, and an asian man who was some sort of leader of these people (much like the guy in season 7 of Lost) tried to give me some red jelly to eat, which I knew was a psycedellic that would confuse my memory of the event and thus help ensure that I would not be credible, and they would not be exposed. I declined it, spilled it on my sleeve and brushed it off.

I then made a defense of my ability to accept different people, saying I’d been with (met) different people and was better for it. He seemed to accept the possibility that I was perhaps wise enough to be trusted with what little information I’d learned about what lies beyond the teachers’ lounge. Apparently they were at risk of being attacked. Not clear on their situation.

I also dreamed I met myself, from 15 minutes earlier, a la Austin Powers, and the other me said I looked smaller in person.

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