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Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 ~ 1pm

IPG operates its own order processing and shipping facilities. By keeping these essential functions in-house, IPG is able to offer unusually responsive customer service. Orders are, with rare exceptions, filled within 24 hours. Rush orders received in the morning are routinely shipped that same day, and afternoon orders are shipped the next working day.”

Yeah? Try more than five months. First contacted them Sept 1, 2009. Got a call from them 3 months later. 2 more months since they had everything they needed to ship the books, and still nothing.

Today I emailed, faxed, left a voice mail expressing my exasperation, and asked an assistant if there was “something going on” with the manager that could account for why he hasn’t fulfilled our order. She said he’s just busy in meetings, doing manager stuff. And she said she could see no record of our order.

I am enraged. Well, I would be if I was the kind to be enraged. Instead, I am perturbed. Angry that a person who calls himself a manager could be so callous. I’m just a sensitive soul trying to be nice. And getting NOWHERE with him, possible because of it.

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