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Capt Tightpants doll coming in May from Tonner

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 ~ 5pm

“Tonner (a doll maker) has announced [a] Mal doll debut at their convention this May.”
From the source article: “Browncoats, Smugglers, Shepherds and Companions gather in a secret location from The Alliance to revel in the cult phenomenon known as ‘Firefly’. Joss Whedon’s blended science fiction and western sub cultures play into the highly original Fox Television Series and its subsequent Universal Pictures film ‘Serenity’. Robert Tonner invites you to his latest pop-culture partnership as he presents your very special Inara Serra souvenir and the debut of Malcolm Reynolds to the Tonner Character Figure™ family.”

I had to snark Sideshow over this.

“Not a question, just a big ‘I told you there was a viable market for Firefly!’ — Malcolm Reynolds, first of the Serenity crew, coming in May from Tonner. Sideshow still has a chance to redeem itself by going for the other hot Whedon property, Dr. Horrible. But it seems that your awareness of the fanbase begins and ends with Buffy. Why is that, Leon?”

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