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Cell phone replacement

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 ~ 7pm

Got my replacement phone today, a Gravity 2 by Samsung. Here’s a pic, with a Dr. Horrible wallpaper installed (from the comic book coverr). And the wallpaper, in case you want it too. 240×320. When you turn the phone sideways and slide out the keyboard, the wallpaper turns into a closeup, but the image works fairly well that way too — you see Captain Hammer and Penny.

And the “So They Say” Ring-Tone:

I went for the “Everything You Ever” ring tone myself. I edited it to just the first 58 seconds, and increased the volume so it would work better as a ring. I can post that here, or maybe just email me if you want it since I don’t want to disrespect Doctor Octoroc (the person who turned the Whedon music into Nintendo 8-bit tone music).

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