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Posted in Dream by Will on Thursday, March 18th, 2010 ~ 4pm

I caught up on sleep today, skipping a day of work for it. My dreams were extensive and elaborate.

I was asked by a female friend to attend a conference that she was unable to attend (due to her wanting to attend a musician’s concert instead), and then meet her afterward. The event was a meeting of an organization that worked with Stanislav Grof, I believe. I did not really want to have to attend the meeting, I wanted to be with her! But if I slogged through this I’d get to see her. So I did. Then I went across the street to the club where the performance was. I didn’t meet her there because the concert had not happened or something, but I’d be able to meet up with her at the home of a “Dr. Cyr”, at which many members of the organization were meeting for a post-conference social.

At that place, things were weird. I did in fact meet up with my female friend, and there was some nice realistic tongue kissing for a few minutes (I imagine my pillow got a workout), but then the weirdest thing going on at that house was that a vegetarian asian young woman wanted to try meat. So — prepare for the weirdness – her friends went into a room in which giant white eels lived. They looked like the white paper lanterns from WorldMarket, except nine feet long. They were blind but the people communicated with them by touch and sound. They got one to relax, and then removed one of its young for the asian woman to eat. The young were like little yellow versions of itself, but under a foot long, attached by the dozens to the mother worm. They took one out of the room, for the woman to eat. I did not stay to watch the spectacle.

I got lost, found myself in a “D Department Store” (sign on the outside, a letter “D”), in the winter clothes department. Got out of there, found my way back to “Dr. Cyr”‘s house, and couldn’t find anyone, then got stuck on an elevator that went out of control, spinning around and making me and two other people in there very likely in risk of dying when/if it crashed. It went on a roller-coaster like route, and the man on the other end of the emergency communication panel was of no help at all.

Well it went on from there. Just tons and tons of R.E.M. activity for me. I probably needed catching up on R.E.M. cycles so it was good to have.

The usual longing for a female friend, the difficulty finding her in the dream, was typical of dreams — as was the changing locations. I wasn’t a nightmare though, difficult as some parts were. Just problematic.

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