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Bowie’s in your house

Posted in Dream by Will on Sunday, March 28th, 2010 ~ 2pm

Strange-ass dream in which David Bowie and his entourage were on tour, and rather than stay in a hotel they’d pick a house that looked fancy and large enough to house everyone, storm in, and offer the owner $3,000 per night in exchange for full reign of the house. In this case, the surprised homeowner stepped out of the shower to find an aggressive-looking Asian manager standing there — for all appearances, a possible home-invader — offering him cash. Dave had picked the house based on it looking sufficiently mansion-y and modern. The kids who lived there insisted that the style of the home was “Monterey-ny”, not European as Bowie said. I wasn’t clear on if the people who lived there had to move out or just make themselves scarce, but in any case, the house was Bowie’s for probably 3 days.

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