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I need to know

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, April 2nd, 2010 ~ 7pm

I still want to know.

Yes, despite getting over the slim chances of any interest in the part of the teller last week, I find my mind today unable to shy away from wanting to know if she is in a relationship or single.

If this were the days of living on the prairie, when population was low, I wouldn’t be hesitating to find out. It’s only because today we are millions that I give myself the leeway NOT to know.

But really, I’m so interested to know her relationship status. Emphasis on the “so”. If I imagine living in prairie times, I’d be asking her out the moment I saw her.

I searched Facebook but couldn’t find her, even though I now know her first name — which I found on the many bank deposit slips that I had stored in my pocket. I just always assumed that not knowing her name was the polite thing. But it occurred to me today that it would be on the slips. But that was no help; she’s not Facebooked. Or is unlisted, which I suppose she would be.

In prairie times, women wore bonnets and men looked like Mark Wahlberg

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