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iTunes compilation fix

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, November 5th, 2006 ~ 5pm

Ah-ight, I finally found out how to make various artist compilations appear properly in iTunes 7. Select “Edit > Preferences > General > (check) Group compilations when browsing”. Without “Group compilations when browsing” checked, iTunes does not care if an album’s properties includes the fact that it is a compilation of artists, and it will take such an album and scatter it into a bunch of singles by the individual song artists. Frankly I find it bizarre that iTunes does not have this check-marked by default (many discussion forums are filled with people trying to figure out why iTunes ignores the property). So, there it is. With it checked, soundtracks with different artists will appear at the very end, properly. Problem solved. By the way, there is some suggestion that this didn’t quite work in iTunes 7.0.0 or 7.0.1 — rumors that the songs would sometimes get reordered — so update to 7.0.2 (the latest release).

I’m at 6.63 GB now (from importing CDs), and my limit will be slightly below 8 GB, assuming the 8 GB iPod Nano doesn’t really have 8 GB free. I still haven’t thought of an engraving yet, but the leading contender is:

• “shiny” (Firefly reference, and, true since the back is shiny silver metal)

(Update) I’ve just gone above 7.2 GB, and I’ve learned that the actual space on an 8GB iPod Nano is 7.44 GB. So I’ve essentially run out of room before I’ve really finished adding the albums I want. There’s several Eurythmics albums and a few others I want to add.

Should I wait for a 12GB iPod Nano to be introduced in January? I hear there’s a MacWorld in January. If there’s going to be a 12GB Nano, January will be the earliest anyone hears about it. I am tempted to wait, not only for the extra space, but because I really really would like a Nano that is available in silver. (The current 8GB is only available in black and red; maybe the 12GB will have a greater selection of colors).

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