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Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 ~ 9pm

Five moons ago… no wait, how many moons in a year? Many moons ago I commented that I don’t trust people who smile in their photos. Or that I relate best to people who don’t; maybe that was the general jist of that post.

Anyhoo (I’m using that word too much), I am in-like with a person’s photo in which the smile is one of bemusement, or maybe an intellectual knowing smile, like she’s aware of some absurdity. So I am not contradicting myself, I am just modifying my likes to include people who have a sly smile. That’s what it is… sly. (On Firefly, sly meant gay, but here, not). I also like the way her eyes look, um… blinky? Not much more one can say about eyes, is there?

I never — hardly ever — respond to messages I get on eHarmony. Because I never feel like there’s a strong possibility the person could be someone I’d love to wake up, looking at, every day for [fairy tale begins here] forever an’ ever…. [/fairy tale].

But I did reply to her. Take that for what it means.

On a related note — and stick with me here because this *is* related — a dog visiting our house the other day stuck its nose in my crotch, which I understand is because dogs have like twenty-thousand as many scent receptors as human beings, and thus dogs learn a lot about a person by sniffing them. They figure out our gender, our age at least insofar as they can detect our maturity, presumably they also can tell our general state of health and our diet, and other things only doggies know. But the point is… ah what the heck was my point… I’m not sure. I think I hadn’t completed what the connection was when I started writing this paragraph, and mid-way through I forgot. Something about types… recognizing compatibility… maybe something along those lines.

Or maybe it was the way the dog was so enthusiastic about meeting me and drawing a memory of me via its scent-method. Maybe in the same way, people (I mean human people) are as enthusiastic, but we can’t just sniff a person (on the neck, please — this is a proper blog!) and learn about them. We have to hold our wishes and hopes for so much longer, as we learn about people bit by bit, sometimes conversation by conversation. It can be agonizing. Sometimes it can be beautiful. There’s beauty and mystery in people.

Until then, suffice to say I’m imagining Disney songs a la Enchanted.

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