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Chilly but doable

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, April 25th, 2010 ~ 1pm

Kind of chilly today but I laid out to get some sun anyway. 60 degrees, and a cold breeze. But it was ok. I had to tread carefully up the 5 steps to our backyard because the steps recently collapsed, tossing our frizzy-haired housemate down with some serious bruising but no broken bones. There are now only 4 steps — and they are as decomposed and ready to break as the one that felled our housemate. So I walked as lightly as I could, but really not sure what could be done if another gives way. It is precarious. The rental place says there’s no money left in our account to fix it. So I suppose they’d rather be sued for a million bucks than have steps that work.

No worries. Point is I got some sun. I cannot actually tell though.

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