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Have we lost the world? May 6, 2010

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, May 6th, 2010 ~ 1am

[I withheld this post for awhile. Written May 6, 2010; finally posted June 14]

Someone I trust just got word that we’re on one of the Earths that does not make it (among the set of proximal parallel Earths that exist alongside each other with slightly — or radically — different histories).

This was bleak news. Really dark and bleak. That we are so far beyond the tipping point that any chance we had of changing course and achieving a different outcome was gone a decade ago.

What is the point, I wondered, about being informed of that? What could we possibly do, now?

If there is an end coming, it comes from overpopulation, which leads to conflicts over resources, which leads to the overwhelming stoppage of the distribution of resources — made worse by any disasters, man-made or natural, which further damage particular nations’ ability to distribute anything, or to even respond to any worldwide disease outbreaks in any way that would prevent the obliteration of what we know of as our world.

(Sample scenario: The Middle East won’t give us oil. The US won’t give Europe medicine. The US gets attacked, and can barely distribute food to its own people — nor stop disease. Imagine only government vehicles having fuel. Imagine electricity doesn’t work except sporadically. No flights. Eventually, nothing like communication or news. Just walking.)

It’s a terrible forecast. Not too surprising to hear though — I mean, you can’t deny we’re living on the version of the Earth that killed Kennedy and Martin Luthor King Jr. The timeline in which Gore did not become President. The timelime in which industries decided to pillage the world for every last cent, consequences be damned — consequences ignored in part because certain religions advocated that the future did not need to be planned for, because the world would end soon anyhow. (Yes I am aware of some irony. The difference is that I believe our world did not have to end. Our world, we could have saved. I wanted to save our world.)

So what to do? I suppose I’ll look to see what Amazon.com carries in the way of survivalist jumpsuits. Seriously I might do some research on what a person would need to walk across the country, through unpredictable conditions, and a possible need for some stealth — because frankly what we have to fear most of all are other people who would kill you to steal your resources, be it food, your jacket, your boots, your batteries, your hat, your gloves — anything. Your survivalist jumpsuit, for that matter. Hence the consideration of stealth — black or camo, I wonder?

I’m not one to believe these kinds of stories. I am not. But when such a dark forecast comes from someone I trust, I have to give it more consideration than I would if it was from some random guy.

The signs that we’re on a world that is fucked will be so obvious, that it will be certain to all.

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