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Some more basic supplies

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, May 8th, 2010 ~ 2pm

Added today at REI: flint/magnesium fire starter (the most basic kind), 2 compacted rolls of toilet paper, and a low-wattage LED light that will last 36 hours if on the very dimmest setting, that could be clipped to the front of my pants to illuminate where my feet will step, just barely.

Problem with the flint I bought is that you need a knife to scrape some magnesium off into a little pile, and a knife to strike the flint with… and I don’t believe in knives. They’re dangerous. So I should have looked a bit closer and gotten one with an included knife-like piece of metal for those purposes. Amazon has them. I suspect a rock might work as well, if the rock is dry, but I am not sure.

Problem with knives, also, is if you accidentally have one on your when you try to board a plane, you get detained by ex-Burger King employees. And, if you are camping or whatnot, you risk accidentally cutting yourself with your knife. It is not as if I’d be skinning rabbits or anything, so I just don’t see the purpose of having a knife in one’s survival kit.

Obviously hiking shoes are the most important thing to get, but I can’t afford any yet. Sneakers will do for now.

A small backpack or other kind of slingable “go-bag” is important as well.

However, I am going on the theory that in many imaginable circumstances, baggage will be taken from you. Consider for example if the National Guard was loading up trucks with people to quickly more to another location. You think they’re going to allow anything but people? No. Chances are they’d tell people to drop their bags, and just board with nothing but what they are wearing. They might even lie and tell people their bags will be coming on another truck. Right. Therefore my intent is to have compact necessities that can fit into one’s pants.

Also, consider that if things got really wild, a backpack would be a target for people-turned-thieves.

More important than a pack would be water. I have not yet figured out the water situation yet. Should probably look into those dissolving tablets that supposedly detoxify standing water.

Also got a PJ Harvey CD for $3 at a charity thrift store. Not part of survival.

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