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16mm lens, or 18-55mm zoom lens? Please Vote.

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 ~ 1am

Also, although I am saying I want the 16mm (because it is faster and a bit sharper), the 18-55mm zoom is only a little slower, and a little fuzzier, and MIGHT be more useful. Or it might just be heavy and difficult. Tough to know.

Honestly, I know I LOVE wide angle for interiors. LOVE it. I even have a special compact p&s (point & shoot) camera with an extra-wide lens that is, by chance, almost exactly as wide as the 16mm zoom (it’s one millimeter wider than the 16mm). So I know I really like that wide size for taking pictures of rooms.

BUT… I also know that when I take photos of people, or even self-portraits, I tend not to use that wide camera. I use a different p&s that is not even as wide as the widest setting of the NEX’s 18-55mm zoom.

So what I am saying is that the 18-55mm zoom would provide me with essentially both of those lenses, in one. It would be just a hair less wide than my widest p&s camera, and it would include the length that I usually use when taking pictures of people.

As such, the zoom may be the best choice for me. Clearly it is a bit bulky (see pic of it, below), but it is smaller than my hand. It’s a small camera.

The tip of the zoom lens extends out another inch when twisted to 55mm.

ON THE OTHER HAND… I could just shoot at 16mm, and crop the photos to what I like, since the quality of the photos from this camera’s full-sized sensor is so much better than any point & shoot camera.

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