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LOST…no spoilers yet!

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, May 24th, 2010 ~ 1pm

Because the panultimate finale of LOST aired last night but I cannot see it until it becomes available online later today, I am cowering in this corner of the web (my blogsite), unable to go anywhere else on the net for fear of having the story spoiled.

All newssites typically spoil LOST the day it airs, sometimes a few hours early if they’ve managed to see the network feed. Wired will spoil it. The New York Times would spoil it (if I visited them). BoingBoing probably spoiled it. Random bloggers cannot be visited either.

Even my radio alarm clock tried to spoil it! When it went off this morning to a talk-radio station, the DJ asked for people to call in with theories about last night’s LOST! So I had to strike the alarm clock down and resort to the beeping sound to wake me up again a few minutes later.

The whole world is conspiring to spoil the ending to the story, and I’ve invested too many years in watching the show to let that happen.

Art Department staffer: “Should we include the dog too?”

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