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LOST cont

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 ~ 12pm

Had a good sympatico chat about Lost with a friend of mine on Skype yesterday. Both of us are pleased about the finale.

Over in the lesser series department (because truly, no show in the history of television was as advanced as Lost in plot and concept), the supply of the bonus disc of True Blood Season 2 is in short supply in Boulder. When I arrived at noon, there were 3 BluRays left and no DVDs at all. The teller, unprompted, said they were really flying that morning.

I also went to Best Buy, where uninformed people were buying the bonus-disc-less version. I bought a bottle of True Blood. I dreamed last night I turned it into a candle, but I doubt I will actually do that. It is a good idea for goths though!

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