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I learned stuff about wool

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 ~ 2pm

Today I am not searching for a job. I am just doing my office work at the job I still have, and not worrying — today.

I learned something about t-shirts and undershirts for various weather conditions. That 5-pack of t-shirts made of polyester seemed like a good idea, because in theory polyester wicks away moisture. But why so cheap? Apparently because while polyester lets the water molecules fly off into the air, the scent particles in the moisture (in one’s sweat) stay behind in the polyester.

Industry has tried embedding charcoal and silver into the fabric to reduce this problem, but, it is a problem.

Lesson learned: Polyester t-shirts are probably good for wearing around the house on a summer day when you’re keeping cool, but they’re not for much else than that. They are not good for walking around outside.

The actual item you’d wear outside is a Merino wool t-shirt. Price for one such shirt is the same as for a half-dozen polyester shirts. I know, I know, I hear “wool” and I think “winter” but apparently that is not so. Wool is also good for keeping cool in summer. I probably never knew that because wool is expensive, and because when I was young, wool was a scratchy, itchy substance rather than a smooth substance as it is now.

So I’m going to buy one or two Merino wool t-shirts.

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