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A stone-desert-like place

Posted in Dream by Will on Saturday, June 5th, 2010 ~ 3pm

Also I had an unbelievable dream last night about a tram* station on the top of an arid, desert stone formation landscape — an alien world.

Because I am lacking in the terminology of desert or desert canyon formations my description will be less precise than I’d like. But imagine rounded rock formations, as if shaped by wind erosion, of reddish-brown tones, as far as the eye can see. Like hilltops after hilltops, but running quite some distance — not peaks but more like rippling peninsulas.

I appeared — for it felt like I’d teleported there from my dreaming body to this place — in a small, four-pillared building atop the highest point in this landscape. The pillars were square and white, much like the white cement of some new sidewalks. Between each pillar was the view of the landscape. Directly in front of me, the next nearest stone hills were quite a ways down.

Behind me, white steps.

To my right, I was surprised to see a white concrete-like path going gently down the long shape of this formation. It was like a sidewalk but with raised edges, so that if a wheeled tram (for instance) was going up or down it, it would not veer off and tumble.

I realized the structure I was in was a place where a tram would come to a stop, and passengers would de-board. Since the structure was small — perhaps twelve or fifteen feet wide at most — such a tram would be small, with very few people.

And indeed, what kind of people could live in this barren environment? I could see no vegetation, though admittedly any vegetation would be in darker recesses, not on the sun-exposed rock tops of these curved, sloping peninsulas. The light was bright, but not hot or unpleasant. On the horizon, the sky had some color, and clouds, so I presume it was near the equivalent of 5 o’clock p.m. or so.

To my left, again between the pillars, I expected to see the same tramway continuing on. But instead, that way ended, and indeed, the path plummeted down at a steep angle for a couple feet before ceasing to be. This was the top station, the end of the line — perhaps the only destination.

I looked out to this view on my left. The mountain or whatever I was on dropped steeply on the left — scarily. Beyond it, after some space, and lower down, disconnected from this hill, was another rock hill.

And though at first I did not notice, I realized there was a person there, moving about. He was small, a midget or dwarf, and had a blue hood covering his head. He saw me and looked up at me. His face reminded me of “Hoggle”, the human-ish looking dwarf from the film Labyrinth, in that he had large hairy eyebrows, and an old, haggard face that seemed annoyed. His skin was caucasian. I shouted to him, and he took his hood down and I realized he was telling me not to shout, but to communicate by mind — shouting being impossible due to the inherent echos and distance of this landscape. But I could not do so. I was not even sure I could hear him, or if it was simply the way he took down his hood that gave me the impression to communicate by mind. He quickly gave up and continued to putter around on the top of the hill. What he was doing I could not tell — though in retrospect, it would not surprise me if his movements were the steps of someone trying to capture bugs (which I could not see from this distance).

The steps behind me were white like the tramway, but smoother and cooler, and they extended for some distance, perhaps 60 feet. The steps led to a small… what? A temple? A retreat? A small village perhaps? My time had been taken by my looks through the other three directions, and I did not lift my eyes to the town in time to see it.

My visit, or dream-visit, to this place, ended. And then like a dream, I shifted into another place, a small house or fort with grey-blue wood siding, in which I told some people that I’d just been to a desert-stone like place that seemed to be about where this wooden fort was, but in another version… And I told them how I’d seen this little man, and a tramway (but no tram). They were skeptical, but listened.

*Tram: like the trams at, say, Universal Studios.

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  1. Rodney said,

    on June 7th, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    Wow. This is eerily familiar to me – I’ve dreamed of an otherworldly tram too (although it was in space). I’ve also often had a recurring dream about some sort of white university-type building with large white pillars located in just such a rocky, barren place with desert sand around it. I used to see it often in dreams where I would “learn” things I could never remember upon waking. What is also interesting is that just the other night I dreamed I was inside a university of some sort and a group of human looking aliens were introducing us (the audience or class) to a non-human looking alien. We were cautioned not to be afraid when we saw it even though it would probably be our first instinct. A small, wrinkly skinned creature came bounding into the room looking much like your description and the picture you posted. I don’t know what it was wearing, but it came right over to me. Oddly, I wasn’t frightened in the least.

  2. Will said,

    on June 8th, 2010 at 6:40 pm

    I wonder if people who have never seen pictures or video of such places dream of such places. This kind of landscape seems to be either a deep part of our collective unconscious, or maybe it is real, who knows. It is visually evocative of contemplation since there is nothing out there but rocks, forcing one to turn one’s attention inward or upward, I expect.

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