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Sam Phillips

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, June 14th, 2010 ~ 10pm

I wrote an open note to musician Sam Phillips on her The Long Play subscription site, that I want to save here as well:

“I’ve been away…and returned to find [the latest EP release for members] Old Tin Pan. It is such a beautiful EP. I’d gladly accept Sam’s idea of having The Long Play last ten years, not just one. If Old Tin Pan is indeed the last EP, let me take a moment to just say THANK YOU Sam, and with those words, a tide of love, admiration, respect, and the kind of laughter that comes from delight of having been able to share in your experience of recording over the past year or so (as a listener). I don’t want to get all Zen on you, but I am so thankful that you’re part of the One, you know? You make the experience better. Thank you. -Will”

I really mean that she improves this One that we all are. Not sure if that meshes with Buddhist theory, but surely individuals can shine, can’t they? And in so doing, enhance the whole? She does that, with her beautiful, solomn, sometimes (often?) sad or somber lyrics and quiet way. Plus she’s really funny on stage and in her writings too – senses of humor are important for people who can see the somber side.

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