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Wart War III

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, December 15th, 2006 ~ 5pm

Oh, you only wish I wouldn’t blog about this! But here is my little toe and the mosaic plantar wart that has been bothering me for about two years now. Today I went to Boulder Dermatology for an injection of a common virus directly into my toe, which is intended to cause my body to finally detect that there is something worth fighting for in my little toe.

The needle went in just fine, I couldn’t feel a thing…until it finally got past the wart skin and into my own self, at which time I instinctively flinched my whole leg away from the doctor’s needle. We tried again, this time with my other leg holding down my foot so it wouldn’t go flying again. It wasn’t that painful. By the way, I’m calling this Wart War III because two years ago I tried cryotherapy (Wart War I) and I’ve tried off-the-shelf acid and off-the-shelf cryo too (Wart War II), but the wart simply kept enlarging as you see in the close up. So this is the third attempt, the big guns. The immunotherapy. Isn’t it lovely?

In three weeks, when I am to go in for a second treatment (of a possible three treatments) I’ll post a follow-up pic. Oh yes I will.

Update: The next day, the little toe was red and a little tender – not noticeably swollen, but clearly experiencing the intended effects of an infection. That pronounced redness only lasted a day or two, and then the toe seemed to be pretty much the same as before the treatment. Or was it? I could almost see some lessening of the diameter of the smallest warts at the edges, but perhaps this was imagination. A week later, much of the wart feels extremely dry, something the doctor said to expect. Possibly a sign that the wart layers are withering away. However as it does this, it is rather uncomfortable since these warts run deep. The effect being like having a callous. Some of the wart still appears moist, white/pink, and, from the wart’s perspective, healthy looking. I can only hope that it is simply putting up a brave face, while secretly losing cells to the battle.

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  1. desiree said,

    on December 16th, 2006 at 12:12 am

    I still count five toes, if a sixt is showing up you should get worried 🙂

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